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What is the average sea freight transit time from the USA to the UK?

Standard ocean cargo shipping from the east of the US to the UK is around three to four weeks. Meanwhile, transit time form the west coast of the USA to UK ports is 35 to 60 days. Expedited ocean freight services allow for transit times as short as 8 days from the east coast to Europe.

What is the average air freight transit time from the USA to the UK?

Air cargo shipping times for imports to the UK from the USA average 10 days for eco-services and 2 days for express air freight services. It’s important to note that there are tight restrictions as to what types of goods can be sent via air shipping services. Furthermore, prices are determined by chargeable weight, which is actual weight or load dimensions, whichever is greater.

Sea Freight Vs. Air Freight: Which is more green?

Airfreight shipping services have a massive carbon footprint compared to sea freight services. As more countries are introducing high carbon taxes for businesses to reduce environmental impacts, air freight is likely to become less popular and more expensive. The good news, however, is that ocean freight shipping times are likely to get faster and more secure, reliable and trackable.

Importing from the USA to UK Requirements

Imports from the US account for a large percentage of the UK import marketplace as the US is one of the UK’s largest trading partners. However, the USA and UK do not have a free trade deal, so multiple requirements are essential for UK business to navigate, including commodity codes, import licenses, EORI number, and customs declarations. By using a freight forwarder, UK importers can avoid a lot of the customs processes, as many freight forwarders complete a large number of the processes on behalf of their clients.

USA to UK: Best Fright Services Options

For small loads, high-value items and shipments that are needed urgently, USA to UK air freight shipping services are the best option. Meanwhile, for heavy, bulky goods, or hazardous items that are prohibited by airlines, sea freight is the most economically beneficial option. There are many online tools that allow you to compare freight shipping services from different providers based on transit time, cost, security, category of good and more. In addition, most freight shipping service providers and freight forwarders offer free quotes on their websites.

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